Why all the buzz about cold-brew coffee?


Cold brewed coffee has become a popular alternative to traditional iced coffee, which is brewed hot and then poured over ice.
Instead of brewing coffee with hot water, chilling it, and diluting it with ice, you let the grounds sit, undisturbed, for upwards of 24 hours, then you filter the grounds from the liquid.


But…why? When you add heat to coffee, a chemical reaction occurs that “brings out acid and a bitter taste. But if you fail to heat the coffee (which is what we’re doing), you won’t bring that bitterness out.


“We make our cold-brew concentrate every day. It’s a longer process, and certainly not a cheap way to do iced coffee, but people are looking for quality and that’s what you get with The Mainline Coffee Co. Cold-Brew.


                                                     Cold Brew 4 Pack

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The Mainline Coffee Co.
The Mainline Coffee Co.


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