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You may or may not know our slogan Sleep, Coffee, Ride… but we do stand for that. Our team grew on two wheels and we haven’t wavered from what made us who we are. At the end of the day some of us were fortunate enough to have a bike provided for us at a very young age and others had to wait until you were capable of purchasing a bike on your own. You might be one of those who have saved every penny to get that tool that gives you an escape and feeling like nothing else in the world. We are willing to bet those are the type of people who will ride their entire lives. You have waited for a period of time to do something you dreamed of and once you have tasted it you will never let it go. This is like a good cup of coffee in our eyes. Once you have tasted that fresh roast you can’t go back. With all that being said we want to introduce you to Trevor Hudson. Trevor is a friend of ours and has been to plenty of our races, desert trips, and photo shoots, but he has never had his own bike until this year. Below you will read Trevor’s story and his goal to make his 1st race the world’s biggest Vet race, at the World famous Glen Helen Raceway.


For many years I have always wondered what it would be like to experience a gate drop in a motocross race. I have always been around the Motocross seen helping good friends race, but was never able to have a bike of my own until a couple months ago I purchased a 2014 Kawasaki 450. I originally bought a bike to go to the desert with friends and family, but 3 months ago a good friend Danny Hart suggested that I race the Dubya World Vet National at Glen Helen in October. I thought about this daunting task and after a few more days on the bike I said yeah that sounds fun. After agreeing to this, the gravity of the situation set in! I had only ridden a track twice in my life and was horrible. I was scared to say the least. Riding a track was intimidating, but I always had a dream of racing so I set a high goal for myself to race the upcoming race at Glen Helen.  I had my mind set to race one of the most brutal tracks in the Nation while having zero experience on a track or dirt bike might not have been the smartest choices but it also kept me going.


From that point forward every weekend I was out at the track riding as hard as I could and noticing that I was progressing. I completely changed my diet and started exercising twice a day loosing about 30lbs before the race. My work schedule would only allow me to ride on the weekends but I would work on different areas, learning how to jump, turns, when to stand up and when to sit progressing every time. Some people were talking me down and trying to get me to back out but I decided to ignore and stay focused.

I showed up on Friday for practice I was so nervous but excited. Seeing the big up hills and down hills I didn't know what to expect until I got out there to practice. What an eye opener it was the first lap of practice deep ruts, braking bumps and big hill climbs. Completely different than what I had been riding. I Went down my first lap of practice at the bottom of the downhill but was able to get up and get over my nervousness. In my second practice I felt a little more confident practicing techniques that always learnt from my friends over the years (looking ahead while entering the ruts instead of fighting them). Going into my 3rd practice I told myself “lets act like it’s a race”. I was thinking all I have to do is five hard laps, and to accomplish this the planets had to align. I ended up doing 6 laps nonstop and feeling pretty good. My arms weren't pumping up and I wasn't tired. It was an unreal feeling making the trip back home to reflect on the gorilla I got off my back. It wasn’t race day but I did know what to expect of the track.

As Sunday came around I felt really good coming into my 1st moto, I got third gate pick and was ready to race. I saw the board go side ways and my dream was coming to life!! I was sleeping a little off the line, but I was able to get in the fight in the infamous Talladega turn. Adrenaline was pumping and I knew I had 4 laps of pure fun ahead of me. Laps were clicking away but I had to keep my mindset to just ride my own race. I crossed the checkered flag and finished in 11th place.  Sitting in my chair in front of my pick up and looking at my bike I was like “WHOA”, I had finished a moto at the infamous Glen Helen Raceway. I was ready for more. In my second moto I got a better start, I was 5th after the first turn, but made a mistake and slid out on the uphill and got passed by a few riders. I rode a good race and was able to get a 10th place finish out of 16.


Not only did I walk away from this race unhurt but also I conquered one of the toughest tracks and fulfilled a life long goal of racing my own dirt bike in a motocross race. The feeling was indescribable in so many ways and I can’t wait until my next race. All those years of wanting and dreaming were finally over I did it. I can’t thank my friends and family for being behind me the whole time dreams do come true.

Danny G
Danny G




January 16, 2015

i like it


November 25, 2014

I don’t usually comment on web articles, but congrats man! I share a similar experience and know how it feels!

Ty  Swartz
Ty Swartz

November 20, 2014

Awesome story and congrats. That’s what its all about

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