Cold Brew 4 Pack

The Mainline Coffee Co. Cold Brew is an all natural coffee. We brew freshly roasted coffee by hand in cold water for 24 hours, creating a bold, silky smooth beverage without a trace of bitterness. We use our very own blend of coffees to create a flavor profile with taste notes of rich dark cocoa, almonds, stone fruits, and mixed berries.  Making The Mainline Coffee Co. Cold Brew ideal for iced coffee, iced lattes--or even straight on the rocks. Our Cold Brew can be poured over ice with milk or sugar, or just chugged straight from the bottle. Since it's not a concentrate, they don't need to be diluted. Can also be heated to enjoy hot. Perfect for work, home or on the go.

  • Four 12 oz. bottles of ready to drink Cold Brew.
  • Just two ingredients: fresh filtered water + coffee.
  • Direct Trade, Hand Crafted

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